There are over 40 individual steps and 3 hours of labor that go into building every single snowboard. Snowboards are handcrafted which is a term that is thrown around a lot in the industry, but basically it means some build boards with minimal automation and with a lot of love and attention. Essentially a snowboard is made of plastic, fibreglass, wood and some steel.  Some use sublimation graphic application process for both the tops of our boards as well as the bases, which means scratch resistance and color brilliance, and that is where the board building process begins.

The board is placed in a press which is a male and female mold and closes with pneumatic (or hydraulic) pressure under heat for approximately 30 minutes. Once the curing cycle is complete the press is opened and the cassette is removed. The board is taken out of the cassette and placed on a cooling rack for 24 hours to allow for the epoxy to cure completely. A bandsaw is used to trim the flash (excess material) off the board and base grinders are used to remove epoxy from the base and to flatten the running surface.  Once the snowboard has gone through the grinding process of 5 different grits of finishing belts, each progressively getting finer as the process continues, the edges are finished, the insert holes are drilled and the board is pretty much finished.