What is a Composite Culture?

At this moment in history we stand at the dawn of the age of creativity. Advances in technology and science and the ease of exchanging information are increasing our creative potential. Through the use of composites we can create just about anything our imagination’s can dream up. Composites are truly shaping the world around us. This ability has created a culture, and a new movement; what was once science fiction is no longer out of our reach. If you can dream it… composites can be used to build it.

Fiber-reinforced composite materials have gained popularity in high-performance products that have to be lightweight, yet strong enough to take harsh loading conditions such as aerospace components, boat and scull hulls, bicycle frames Surfboards, Snowboards, jet skis, and racing car bodies. Some other uses include fishing rods, storage tanks, and baseball bats. The new Boeing 787 structure including the wings and fuselage are composed largely of composites. Composite materials are also becoming more common in the realm of orthopedic surgery.

Carbon composite is a key material in today’s launch vehicles and heat shields for the re-entry phase of spacecraft. It is widely used in solar panel substrates, antenna reflectors and yokes of spacecraft. It is also used in payload adapters, inter-stage structures and heat shields of launch vehicles. Furthermore disk brake systems of airplanes and racing cars are using carbon/carbon material, and the composite material with carbon fibers and silicon carbide matrix has been introduced in luxury vehicles and sports cars.