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Revchem Composites is the leading distributor of Resins, Foams, Fabrics, Tools & accessories for the Surfboard Industry. We stock a complete line of proven materials and supplies for building and repairing surfboards! Place your orders today and we will have them delivered directly to your glass shop!  We offer competitive pricing and expert technical support on all our products!

  • Polyester resin Laminating, sanding, gloss, uv, specialty resins. 
  • Surfboard epoxy and hardener
  • Fiberglass – E, Warp, S-glass, D-size
  • Carbon fiber, graphite, Kevlar
  • Acetone, catalyst, surfacing agent, styrene, cobalt, pigments
  • Vacuum bagging supplies
  • Fin boxes, fin plugs, leash cups
  • Gloves, suits, masks, replacement cartridges
  • Squeegees, spreaders, stir sticks, cups, buckets, pales
  • Tape, abrasives, adhesives, sanding pads, buffing pads, polishing compound