SIL-CELL 42-18 Hollow Quartz Microspheres 34lb BAG

Q-cell® 300 series hollow quartz spheres have a density of 0.12 g/cc and an isostatic crush strength of 500 psi. A wonderful low density, high strength filler.


SIL-CELL is a refined mineral, manufactured exclusively by Silbrico Corporation, that offers many benefits as a lightweight filler. The glass micro cellular fillers that make up SIL-CELL are inert, inorganic, non-toxic and hollow with varying shapes that combine different geometries, spherical and irregular. The varying shapes of SIL-CELL provide advantages as a filler-reinforcement.


SIL-CELL particles are irregular sphere shapes and have a greater tensile strength than the usual spherical bubbles. SIL-CELL bubbles mechanically key into the binder where other bubbles depend almost totally upon coupling agents for cohesive strength.

Since the shape of each SIL-CELL particle resembles a cluster of micro bubbles, if one surface is broken during handling or processing, there are more bubbles within each particle to provide excellent filler properties.


The low effective specific gravity (E.S.G. = 0.18) permits one and one-half pounds of SIL-CELL to displace one gallon of liquid. SIL-CELL has been found cost effective in the manufacture of adhesives, auto body putty, cultured marble, coatings, wall patching compounds and stucco.


The aspect ratio of SIL-CELL particles imparts tensile strength; and, at the same time, stresses are transmitted throughout the “bubbles” and provide a greater stress/impact distribution.

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