Mistron® talcs are made from microcrystalline ore which provides a larger specific surface area than most talcs on the market, resulting in better levels of reinforcement. Versatile, platy, high purity talc for use in interior and exterior coating, adhesive, and sealant formulations. Weather resistant, acid insoluble and ground to 5.5 Hegman topsize. Enhances compound performance, improves barrier properties.


Coatings: Talc confers a whole range of benefits to coatings. In interior and exterior decorative paints, they act as extenders to improve hiding power and titanium dioxide efficiency. Talc’s lamellar platelets make paint easier to apply and improve cracking resistance and sagging. They also enhance matting. In anti-corrosion primers, talc is used to improve corrosion resistance and paint adhesion. Talc also brings benefits to inks, jointing compounds, putties and adhesives.

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