Looking for a supplier for all your core materials?

We’ve got core! 

Not only do we carry a large selection of core materials in multiple sizes and can sell in full and broken cases… We also offer an extensive selection of other composite materials, supplies and equipment. We are committed to increasing the productivity and profitability of composite fabricators. Our large stock inventory, personalized customer service, fast, flexible delivery, on-site sales support, and technical expertise, make us a valuable partner for your business.

Costal Enterprises

  • Precision Board Plus
  • Low Temp HDU
  • Precision Board Plus
  • High Temp HDU

Coosa Composites

  • Blue Water Series
  • Nautical Series
  • CFR Series
  • Corecell TM
  • PVCell®
  • G-Foam
  • G-PET
  • Balsaflex®
  • Divinycell
  • ProBalsa
  • Divilette
  • Syntactic Foams
  • Buoyancy