30H541D-09: AOC H541-A Series Polyester Resin

Altek® Low HAP Marine Orthophthalic Resin


AOC’s Altek® H541-A is a fast wet-out, moderate cure, general purpose, orthophthalic resin for hand lay-up and spray-up molding applications. It is a promoted, thixotropic resin with low viscosity and medium exotherm. The low styrene content aids fabricators in meeting local permits or MACT regulations.


  • Extremely versatile product
  • Excellent bonding characteristics and very good surface aesthetics.
  • Available in different viscosity and gel time variations.
  • MACT Compliant for Marine Application.
  • For Marine applications where maximum resistance to osmotic blistering is required, AOC recommends a skin coat of Hydropel ®H034-A or H100 be applied to the part before the application of the Altek H541.