30H834GC35: AOC Polyester DCPD H834-GMC Resin

Altek® H834-R Series Polyester Resin

Altek Low Volatiles Low Profile Laminating Resin


Altek H834-R is a medium reactive, thixotropic, pre-promoted, low profile, low styrene resin.



Altek H834-R resin is designed for use in the manufacturing of boats and other composite parts using hand lay-up or spray-up applications methods.


  • Fast laminate cure rate allows for faster production rates without loss of surface profile
  • Reduced post cure
  • Fast and complete fiber wet-out
  • Good resistance to osmotic blistering. (For improved blister resistance, a skin coat made with Hydropel® H034-A, H100-W or H100-M can be used).
  • Will provide good physical properties in finished part
  • Adaptable to a variety of manufacturing processes and conditions
  • Meets MACT requirements for low HAP resins in the marine industry
  • Some versions comply with California’s AQMD Rule 1162