30K130P-13: AOC Polyester F/R Class 1 K130-PTA

Firepel® K130 Polyester Resin

Firepel® Polyester Resin for Fire Retardant Applications



Firepel® K130 series resin are designed for fire resistant applications where ASTM E 84 Class I flame and smoke development are required. Flammability of composite parts is dependent on the geometry of the part, degree of cure, reinforcement content, types of reinforcement, etc. It is the end user’s responsibility to ensure that finished parts meet the required specifications. Published flammability properties should be used for comparison purposes only.

Firepel® K130-AAA-00 is the concentrated highly brominated base resin that is used to manufacture the other versions. Firepel K130-AAA-00 can be used to manufacture specific tailored formulations.


Fire Retardant

Firepel® K130 PT, NN and TT series meet ASTM E 84 Class I flame and smoke requirements.


All Firepel K130 versions contain less than 35% styrene.


Suitable for various fabricating methods such as hand lay-up, spray-up, filament winding, etc. The Firepel® K130 series molecular architecture provides an excellent balance of fire retardant, physical properties and cost.

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