The Divinycell Matrix series from DIAB enables you to focus the performance of your composite application in terms of weight, cost and quality. Based on the idea that you should be able to closely match the core material to your requirements – and thereby avoid over-engineering your applications – the Matrix series grades are positioned based on mechanical property to as low density as possible. This enables us to offer products relevant to industry requirements and in right relationship to each other – invaluable for designing applications for optimum weight, cost
and quality.

The Matrix series complements DIAB’s Divincyell H range perfectly. The wide range of mechanical properties enables designers to optimize their applications by selecting the most precise core materials for their needs – resulting in decreased weight and increased competitiveness.

High Performance
High mechanical properties at lower weight bring many crucial benefits: lower fuel consumption, higher application efficiency, decreased environmental impact and decreased lifetime cost.

Right Performance
Based on our deep customer insight, the Matrix range provides strategic mechanical properties that fit your needs at the lowest possible weight – so there’s no need to compromise.

Optimized Performance
Well integrated into the full DIAB offering, the Matrix series enables our customers’ to create more effective designs according to their specific needs and requirements.