Revchem Composites Offers Hexcel HexPly® Prepreg Solution


Bloomington, CA. – May 07, 2013 – Revchem Composites now distributes Hexcel’s HexPly® Prepregs targeted for industrial applications. With this addition of prepreg technology, Revchem Composites can offer its customers the ability to manufacture stronger, lighter weight parts that have less resin waste and higher fiber to resin content. HexPly® also provides consistent performance and processing characteristics.

Hexcel prepregs provide a tougher, lighter, and stiffer alternative to conventional materials. They are specially formulated resin matrix systems that are reinforced with man made fibers such as carbon, glass and aramid. Prepreg is the ultimate composite material. The thermoset resin cures at elevated temperatures, undergoing a chemical reaction that transforms the prepreg into a solid structural material that is highly durable, temperature-resistant, exceptionally stiff and extremely lightweight. The product range continues to evolve adding surface film and faster curing systems.

Today, prepreg usage is expanding in various industrial applications – Wind Energy, Sporting Goods, Automotive, Oil and Gas Exploration are just some examples. This growth in the use of prepreg composites over metal is being driven by higher strength-to-weight performance, better fatigue strength and increased potential in greater freedom of design.
Hexcel is a world leader in prepreg technology and Hexcel prepregs are marketed using the Hexply® registered trademark.

About Revchem Composites
Revchem Composites is committed to increasing the productivity and profitability of composite fabricators. Revchem is very pleased to be making this announcement and is very excited about building on their 30 plus year relationship with Hexcel.