Coosa Composites

Coosa Composites manufactures structural panels made of high-density, polyurethane foam reinforced with layers of fiberglass.

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Coosa: Bluewater Series

Bluewater 20: Coosa’s economical alternative and Bluewater 26: Coosa’s strongest and stiffest panel and 30% or more lighter than plywood.

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Coosa Nautical Series

Nautical 15: 61% or more lighter than plywood. Nautical 20: 45% or more lighter than plywood. Nautical 24: 37% or more lighter than plywood.

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Coosa Composites CFR

CFR panels make an excellent core material for special projects or applications requiring a flame-retardant structural, semi-structural or core.

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Divinycell F

Divinycell F is a core material range specifically developed for aircraft interiors, seating and food trays.

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Divinycell HCP

HCP means Hydraulic Crush Point and the number defines the maximum hydraulic pressure the material can withstand.

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Syntactic Foams

Syntactic Foams provide unique mechanical properties well suited to subsea applications below 700 meters.

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ProBalsa is an organic core material with exceptional compressive strength.

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Divinycell HT

Divinycell HT is good environmental selection due to its excellent strength-to-weight ratio and high performance over time.

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Divinycell H HP

Divinycell H and HP are structural, all-purpose grades with excellent strength-to-weight performance and mechanical properties.

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Divinycell Matrix

Divinycell Matrix series from DIAB enables you to focus the performance of your composite application in terms of weight, cost and quality.

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Gurit SP-High Modulus

Gurit made its name in the high-end race boat market over 30 years ago, Gurit now supplies the full spectrum of marine projects worldwide.

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Coastal Enterprises

Coastal Enterprises has been an innovator and leading manufacturer of urethane products used for dimensional signage, model making, marine applications and a variety of tooling applications.

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