Dear Valued Customers,

We are continually communicating and educating our staff to ensure they take the proper precautions to avoid undue exposure to this virus not only in our distribution centers but also when providing support at your facilities. The following are precautions we will take immediately to continue providing your company with excellent service while also promoting a safe environment for our team and yours.

Our Technical Sales Team will now communicate in advance and pre-schedule all visits with customers. We have also asked each team member to practice “social distancing” during any visits to your facilities.

Our delivery team continues to make scheduled visits on their regular routes. Until further notice, our drivers will drop deliveries at your facility as usual, but we ask that your team handle material from the designated drop point. Our drivers are also not to enter customer facilities until further notice.

While the world grapples with the COVID-19 virus, we have- and will continue to be- at full operational capacity to serve your materials and product needs until further notice.

We want to ensure the safety of our valued customers and employees. While no one knows how long this unprecedented time will last, we will take measures to adapt to the continually changing landscape of this virus to provide you a high level of service.


Dennis Gallegos