15900495A: Hexcel Prepreg: HEX 6557 38 EH04-7B:33% PREPREG RL

HEX 6557 – Quick Cure Epoxy System


15900495A: Hexcel Prepreg

HEX 6557 – Quick Cure Epoxy System

HexPly® M77HF prepreg is a fiber-reinforced modified epoxy resin system specifically designed for bladder molding or sheet wrap tube applications. Unique chemistry provides fully cured parts in only 3 minutes at 300°F (149°C).


  • Quick cure, 3 minutes at 300°F (149°C)
  • Available in wide variety of carbon or glass tapes and fabrics ¥¥High temperature stability for hot de-mold
  • Low viscosity, 10 poise at 230°F (110°C)


  • Golf Shafts, Bicycle Components, Hockey Sticks, Arrow Shafts, Fishing Rods, Prosthetics