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For over 40 years, BJB Enterprises, Inc. (an ISO 9001:2000 Company) has been in the business of formulating and supplying quality liquid resin systems to a vast array of industries and with a myriad of applications in mind! These materials include fire retardant and non-FR casting resins, both flexible and rigid water-clear urethanes, and a complete line of tough, fast-demoldable Shore A & D urethane products! BJB also builds polyurethane equipment to assist our customers in processing the materials in the most efficient manner possible!

Polyurethane Resin Casting

In this video, BJB goes through the process of re-creating a rare brake tail-light lens for a 1958 BMW Isetta.  They show you how to set up a properly made 2-part silicone mold with vents and a fill port, as well as many tips and tricks along the way.  Watch as they cast WC-783 Clear Polyurethane Resin and produce a beautiful tail light lens that looks as good as the original!


Casting Flexible Urethane

In this video, BJB goes through the process of re-creating a hard to find rubber trim gasket for a 1958 BMW Isetta. They show the process of setting up a silicone mold, casting flexible urethane, and they give many tips and tricks along the way. Watch as they cast BJB’s F-130 High-Performance Urethane Rubber to produce a part that looks as good if not better than the original!


High-Performance Flexible Polyurethane Elastomers

In this video, BJB Introduces their latest line of high-performance flexible polyurethane elastomers. The F, M, & L-series offer a wide variety of durometers (hardness) and work-times for an even wider variety of parts and molds. Ask for a cured sample of any of the products mentioned in this video!