•           Invoices are due 30 days from the date of invoice on Approved accounts.
•           Past due invoices are subject to a 1.5% monthly finance charge.
•           No goods will be accepted for credit unless returned with our permission and accompanied by invoice # and date of purchase.
•           A 20% handling charge will be charged on goods returned. Will not be charged on goods returned due to being defective or miss pulled.
•           Payment on a term account with a credit card will be subject to a 3% service charge.
•           Payments should be mailed to: Revchem Composites, Inc. P.O. Box 333 Bloomington, CA 92316

Except as authorized by Seller in writing, Buyer shall pay the entire amount it then owes Seller with no setoffs or discounts.  Payment shall be collected on delivery (“COD”) unless Seller has extended credit in writing.  Whenever Seller has extended credit, Buyer’s terms are Net 30, unless a different period is stated in a Supply Contract, a writing from Seller’s credit department, or a writing signed by Seller’s authorized representative.  Credit cards can only be used for payment at the initial time of purchase and will not be accepted for invoices that have opted to use terms.  Payment terms are always measured from the invoice date.  To be timely, Buyer’s payment must be received by Seller within that time.  A payment mailed by the due date, but received afterwards, is a late payment. If a payment is missed or late, Seller may (i) accelerate Buyer’s outstanding debt, (ii) decline or suspend deliveries, (iii) change future terms to COD or “COD plus,” (iv) demand credit enhancements, and/or (v) require any other credit requirements Seller in good faith deems appropriate. Any and all clerical or stenographic errors on the invoice are subject to correction by the Seller at any time. Seller may assess a finance charge against the amount owed at the monthly rate of 1.5% (or the maximum rate permitted by law) for each month that payment is late. You agree to pay Revchem Composites reasonable costs of collection, including attorney’s fees for delinquent accounts. Title to the products sold hereunder shall remain with the Seller until the entire purchase price and all other charges and expenses are paid. Until full payment is made Seller shall also have continuing senior security interests in all products delivered to Buyer, as well as all proceeds, replacements, or substitutions of the products. Upon default by the Buyer for any reason, Seller may, without notice to the Buyer, declare all liabilities and obligations immediately due and payable and shall have all rights and remedies of a secured party under the Uniform Commercial Code.


1. Merchandise may not be returned without first obtaining written Return Material Authorization (RMA) from Revchem Composites, Inc.
All returns are subject to inspection and a 20% restocking charge.
2. Refunds are available on most products within 60 days of purchase.
3. Items that are not available for return include :
a. Fiberglass cut to length (other than full rolls).
b. Special or custom orders.
c. Color matched gel coats, if applicable.
d. Sheet foam.
e. Items identified at the time of sale as “Sales Final.
f. Items purchased from Blowout Specials.
4. To be eligible for a refund, customers must produce an original receipt for the purchase.
5. Returned item(s) must be in the original container(s), undamaged and a good condition. If not, Revchem Composites, Inc.,
at its discretion, may impose a 20% restocking fee at the time of return.
6. Returns requests made for item(s) that were purchased by check will not be reimbursed for 7-10 business days after RMA and Credit are processed.

Revchem Composites may require a deposit for the return of some product containers, which remain Revchem Composites property. This deposit must be paid in full when the purchase price is due. Revchem Composites will refund such deposit to Buyer provided: (i) product containers are returned to Revchem Composites original point of shipment within ninety (90) days from date of invoice; (ii) Buyer has paid in full all freight charges for the return of product containers; and (iii) all returned product containers are the same as originally shipped and show no evidence of abuse or use for purposes other than storing original contents. Revchem Composites may charge Buyer for any necessary cleaning or repair due to damage and may deduct these costs from the deposit. Buyer shall place all product container numbers on bills of lading and shipping papers to permit Revchem Composites to facilitate identification and return of any deposit to Buyer. Revchem Deposit Policy and applicable 40 CFR and 49 CFR regulation info are available on our website.

▪ $10.00/roll fee – applies to ALL Slitting Orders.
▪ 3 days ARO required for 1-3 rolls (Delivering or shipping 3 days After Receipt of Order). Example – Order received Monday is expected to ship/deliver Thursday (1-3 rolls).
▪ 4+ rolls requires a lead time quote from the slitting warehouse – Contact Customer Service
▪ Expediting earlier than the 3-day ARO (or quoted) requirement will incur a $25.00 expediting fee above the slitting fee.
▪ Slitting lead time applies to orders delivering from SLITTING WAREHOUSES ONLY (01, 04, 03) – All others need to be quoted due to transfer or LTL requirements.
▪ Techmat may require additional time to slit – it presents special slitting challenges. Not all Slitting locations can process Techmat – please check with Customer Service.

Revchem Composites, Inc. products have a variety of uses and applications. It is presumed that the user is acquainted with the intended application and procedures for accomplishing the desired result. We recommend that users inspect and test the product before use to satisfy that it is suitable for the intended use. No instructions are hereby offered or implied by Revchem Composites, Inc., its employees, agents or dealers and no liabilities for unsatisfactory results are accepted. Nothing herein constitutes any warranty express or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, nor is any protection from any law or patent to be inferred. The exclusive remedy for any proven claim is limited to replacement of the product and in no event shall Revchem Composites, Inc. be liable for special, incidental or consequential damages. ADD SUPPLIER WARRANTY PASS-THROUGH LANGUAGE vs Revchem Warranty.

If you are located in a commercial zone in a Revchem defined “Service Area”, Revchem will deliver your product for a $35 delivery fee on its next scheduled delivery day to that Service Area. Contact Revchem for details.

Ground shipping typically takes 7 days. Orders are processed and shipped only during M-F business hours, and are processed as “Prepaid and Add” unless you specify a Third Party carrier.

Your parcel shipping charges are based upon ground service. Faster service, namely three-day, two-day, and next-day air services are also available at additional costs. Where other than ground service, (including International, Alaska and Hawaii) is desired, please call for shipping charges. Carriers require a deliverable physical address – PO Boxes are not acceptable.

There will be a surcharge of $30.00 per package (parcel shipments) for all hazardous material shipments. This will cover the cost of the hazardous shipping charges as well as the required UN box for packaging. Where more than two hazardous products are ordered, we recommend you call us so that we can determine the least expensive method of shipping. Please note that it is not legal to package hazardous materials of different hazard classes in the same package. However, hazardous goods of the same class may be packaged together.

Bulk Shipments: Due to parcel size and weight limitations, truck freight may be used for loads that are heavy, bulky or contain hazardous items. Truck freight may not be available for non-commercial deliveries. Please call for an estimate.