Revchem is happy to continue our sponsorship with the SR-1 Project! Looking forward to watching this project develop. Many of you may remember the SR-1 tail section on display in our booth at the CAMX show in Long Beach 2019.

The SR-1 Project builds on the legacy of legendary record setters in the FAI c-1a/0 class. This is the lightest record class: aircraft must weight less than 661lbs at takeoff, including pilot and fuel. With recent advancements in powerplants and lightweight components, our goal is to push the current record of 223mph to 275+mph. For regular updates, check us out at

History of the C-1a/0 class
The FAI (Federation Aeronautique Internationale) is the governing body that certifies aviation records. To make records meaningful, the FAI categorizes propeller-driven aircraft, gliders, balloons, etc. separately, and each category is further organized by weight (it makes no sense to compare a P-51 with an ultralight even if both are prop-driven airplanes). For C-1a/0, the C indicates a land plane (vs. a sea plane), -1 indicates power is provided by a reciprocating engine, and a/0 is the takeoff weight of the aircraft, in this case <300kg (661lbs). Although there are hundreds of record types recognized by FAI, the two most prestigious in each class are generally recognized as the 3km Absolute speed and Time to climb 3000 meters.