All Employees, Customers, and Vendor Partners:

These past twelve months have affected the lives of people around the globe. Our points of reference changed overnight, and our normal-lives were quickly upended. We were forced to instantly modify our habits and discover a new normal for business, work, school, and everyday living.

We quickly learned about social distancing, and we had to develop new work routines. We implemented Zoom-style meetings as our “go-to” standard. We are now repeatedly washing our hands, and people wear masks to protect themselves, family members, peers, strangers in our collective efforts to not spread this new virus.

Today, I would like to acknowledge the strength of our team members, Revchem, Dura, Hawkeye, and Composites West. I know that each team member works tirelessly, harnessing all their energy and skills to meet the needs of our business, our customers, and our vendor partners. Everyone has done whatever it takes to get the job done and provide on-going and outstanding customer support.

For that extra mile effort, I want to thank all RDHC employees who have adjusted their way of working to continue supporting our valued customers and vendor partners. Through complete collaboration, teamwork, and new style services, we provide the tools to develop knowledge and tailor business processes to fit these new standards. I am proud of the work values, team spirit, and unity I have observed in our employees across all of our business units, as everyone has adapted well to a new reality.

We know how extraordinary these times are for you and your business to our customers and vendor partners. We believe solidarity will help us get through this together. We will continue to provide you the utmost product support and extra-mile customer services.

In these moments of complete uncertainty, there is one thing you can always count on—our commitment to you and your success. We are extremely honored to serve and partner with you today and in the future.

Together we are stronger!


Peter E. Pendleton
President and CEO
The RDHC Group